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Programs that Support Alternatives to Driving Alone in WI

Three programs managed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), the Greater Madison MPO, and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), connect commuters and employers with alternatives to driving alone in Wisconsin. The programs share an online platform that provides a one-stop shop for users to connect with carpool partners, bikepool partners, vanpools, and local transit, walking and bicycling routes. A new version of the platform launched this year offers new features including Spanish and Hmong translation, a RideBoard for one-time ride connections, and a connected mobile app.

The programs operate under different names based on geography and connect commuters and employers with transportation options that save money, improve air quality, support economic development through workforce transportation, and reduce stresses on our infrastructure.

RoundTrip serves individuals and employers in Dane County.

CommuteWISE serves individuals and employers in southeastern Wisconsin.

RIDESHARE serves individuals and employers throughout the rest of Wisconsin.

Users registered with any of these programs can find carpool and bikepool partners for regular trips to work or school based on their route and schedule, and can access the RideBoard, a popular new feature that allows users to post and find rideshare opportunities for longer-distance, one-time trips. Registered users can track their trips to see personal CO2 reductions, cost savings, and calories burned over time compared to driving alone. A connected mobile app, CommuteTracker by RideAmigos, supports automatic trip logging and transportation connections on the go (available for Android and iOS).

RoundTrip also offers an Emergency Ride Home program that supports car-free commuters in Dane County who need to get home in a pinch.

Employers can work with any of the programs to access promotional resources and to set up a free ride-matching network that makes it easier for employees to connect with each other for carpooling and bicycling to work. Information for employers is available at:


Cody Garcia AICP, WisDOT (RIDESHARE),, (262) 548-5619

Dana Shinners, CommuteWISE Program Lead,, (262) 953.3217

Zia Brucaya, RoundTrip Program Manager,, (608) 266-7433

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