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Tools and Resources

We can make progress together if locals everywhere work on similar strategies, tailored to their communities. Get started with our resources and recommendations.

Funding Opportunities

Check our News & Stories for grant funding opportunities.

Strategies Guide

Information and Resources including Pop-up strategies, awareness events,  policy change and community building.

Promoting Active Living in Rural Communities

Active Living Research brief provides evidence-based guidance and tools for rural communities. 

Economic Development 

WACA created a one-pager to help local health champions connect with economic development partners in their communities. 

Equity Impact Analysis - Comprehensive Tool

City of Madison developed a tool to center equity on policies, plans, programs and budgets.

What Works for Health

UW Population Health Institute's database analyzes and compares policies and programs by their evidence-based effectiveness.

"Play" Book for Individuals and Families: Cabin Fever Survival Guide

We're excited to share the new family version of our winter "play" book series! Together, with the Healthy Kids Collaborative, we created the Cabin Fever Survival Guide.

A report by Smart Growth America and National Complete Streets Coalition about road design and its negative impact on pedestrian safety.

Wisconsin Health Atlas

The WI Health Atlas connects community health champions to the local data they need to take action. 

Liberating Structures

Tools and processes for facilitating inclusive and dynamic group meetings.

Racial Equity Toolkit

The national Government Alliance on Race and Equity developed a toolkit to help organizations put equity priorities into practice.

COVID Winter: An Active Living “Play” Book for Wisconsin

In collaboration with the Wisconsin Active Together Network, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin put together a Winter “Play” Book of events to help support active living this winter – a winter that we all know will be tougher than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Active Communities Toolkit 

Developed by WI Dept of Health Services. Resources, guidance, case studies encompass all WACA-recommended strategies.

Community Engagement Assessment Toolkit

Nexus Partners created a user-friendly worksheet for groups to examine at engagement practices.

Equity Impact Analysis - Fast Track Tool

City of Madison developed a tool to center equity for projects of limited timeline or impact.

The Community Toolbox

Developed by Kansas University, this is the go-to resource to take action and train others on community development.

Strategies Every Community Should Consider

Complete Streets

Transportation policies that make streets safe and accessible for all users.

Healthy Community Design

Human scale places and nodes of development where it is safe, pleasant and feasible to walk, bike, wheel and/or take transit.

Safe Routes to School

Programs, policy and infrastructure allowing children to walk, bike and wheel safely to school.

Places to Play & Be Active

Safe, easy, affordable access to parks and recreational areas that encourage free play as well as structured programming. 

Walk/Bike Networks

Sidewalks, bike lanes and trails that connect destinations; policies and plans to put them in place. 

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