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Person on a bicycle and person in a wheelchair rolling down the pavement

Active Wisconsin works to give everyone more choices for getting around.

Active Wisconsin is about more than just making it easier and safer to walk, bike, or catch a bus. Our network shows how important active transportation options are for healthy, safe, and sustainable communities. Having choices for going from A (work, school, store) to B (home, doctor, park) helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protects our air and water, keeps people more active (which reduces healthcare costs for all), boosts local economies through better regional connectivity, and creates a greater sense of community with more equitable access to employers, schools, civic institutions and public space.

Together, we’re acting to fix our transportation systems for improved public health and more prosperous economies across Wisconsin. Our goal is to build on the groundswell of local action to fuel a statewide effort for active transportation reform. 

Our Work


Wisconsin communities – of every size – and a great variety of organizations from across the state come together to share their stories, learn new strategies, and work together on active transportation issues.


We work with members to help advocate for policy changes at the local level, and also to fight at the state level for increased funding for transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure. Active Wisconsin is committed to building an equitable active transportation system.


Active Wisconsin provides resources for our network to help them clear every hurdle, with an emphasis on highlighting solutions and strategies that have already worked in Wisconsin communities. Resources page.

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