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New resource! Tool Kit for Equity in Climate Action Planning

The Wisconsin Climate Table, a network of more than 30 organizations in Wisconsin with the common goal of zero GHG emissions by 2050, has developed a new Tool Kit for Equity and Justice in Local Climate Action Planning , available on their website. The Tool Kit is a Wisconsin-specific guide to braiding equity into climate policies, plans, and programs at the local level.

A growing number of local governments in Wisconsin are adopting plans and policies to address climate change. Members of the Wisconsin Climate Table developed this Tool Kit to provide a resource for municipalities to center equity in their climate plans and policies, regardless of their size, budget, geography, or demographics. It is meant to ensure that historically marginalized communities will benefit first from climate policies and programs.

Municipal staff, policymakers, and local elected officials can use the strategies and resources in the Tool Kit to prioritize equity and prepare for potential funding opportunities (IIJA/IRA) that require adherence to environmental justice principles such as Justice 40.

Image: map of Wisconsin showing locations of climate plans and policies highlighted in the Tool Kit.

The Tool Kit includes Wisconsin examples of climate plans and policies, examples of outstanding climate action plans from around the U.S., a list of data tools and resources, and a strategy guide for policy makers to use throughout the process of developing climate plans and policies in their own communities.

To learn more about the Tool Kit, visit the Wisconsin Climate Table website.

The Tool Kit was also presented in a webinar hosted by 1000 Friends of Wisconsin in March 2023:

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