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No Mow May: Community Science in Your Backyard

Have you heard of No Mow May? No Mow May is a conservation initiative that encourages people to let their lawns grow and bloom to create pollinator habitat.

In 2022, the City of Sun Prairie piloted No Mow May to help meet their sustainability goals and gauge interest among residents for participation. This year, with support from Thriving Earth Exchange - a program of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) - Sun Prairie teamed up with entomologists from UW Madison to expand the project and collect more robust data.

Susan Gaeddert, Community Programs Director at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, had the role of Community Science Fellow in the project. Fellows act as project managers for community science initiatives; they help define project scope, recruit scientists, organize meetings, and report regularly to AGU staff on progress.

If you want learn more about pollinators, community science, and how No Mow May supports local sustainability initiatives, come to our webinar on June 21 from 12-1! Speakers from Sun Prairie and the Gratton Lab at UW Madison will share about the project, an exciting data collection app that anyone can use, and findings from NMM 2023. Click here to register:

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