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Transit Equity Day: Friday, February 4

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Transit Equity Day 2022 Logo

For the past few years, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin has participated in Transit Equity Day, an event that celebrates Rosa Parks’ act of resistance and the right for all to high-quality, accessible public transportation. Held annually on her birthday, February 4th, Transit Equity Day is a nationwide event that calls for elected officials to address the need for affordable public transit and climate-safe forms of transportation. This year, events were held throughout Wisconsin and a number of mayors made proclamations in support of Transit Equity Day. Click links below to view local coverage in each of these communities:

Additionally, Governor Evers released a proclamation in support of Transit Equity Day. We are proud of all the work our coalition partners have done to make local events a reality! If you get the opportunity, attend a local event, elevate Transit Equity Day activity on social media, and consider joining the movement next year! Nationally, the event is coordinated by the Labor Network for Sustainability.

View the Transit Equity Day press conference with 1000 Friends of Wisconsin Transportation Policy Director Gregg May, District 31 Senator Jeff Smith, and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, and local advocates here:

Pictured below: Proclamation from Governor Tony Evers declaring February 4 Transit Equity Day.

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