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Why Fond Du Lac Stands Out

Over the past several years, Fond du Lac has created a wonderful resource to promote physical activity in its 15-mile FdL Loop Trail. The trail connects between downtown and several neighborhoods, as well as more wooded and rural areas in the community. Colorful signage encourages use and helps people reach destinations more easily. The FdL Loop expansion is still underway, thanks to support from local leaders in the city’s capital improvement plans. Future plans include a vision to connect the trail to new ‘food forests,’ with fruit trees and other edible perennials and plants.

A robust collaboration among local health systems, city/county government, schools, civic groups and non profit organizations, and residents advocates has allowed much progress on this important local asset in Fond du Lac to flourish.


Additionally, many organizations within Fond du Lac’s coalition have taken steps to make health and physical activity part of the community’s culture. Several local physicians, for example, host regular ‘Walk with a Doc’ activities at the local shopping mall. The Farmers Market is held in a walkable downtown location and often provides a venue for bike and pedestrian safety demonstrations. Fond du Lac schools have also led the way, with Safe Routes to School initiatives and efforts to integrate walking and biking skills and safety into their curriculum. Middle school teachers took a leadership role in curriculum development, traveling to Omro, WI to meet one of the teachers that was instrumental in establishing that district’s successful bike-related curriculum. In Fond du Lac, the shared commitment to health continues to spark change across the entire community!

Approach to Equity

Living Well FDL and other community groups are working to form residential partnerships with communities experiencing the most barriers in accessing physical activity, focusing on relationships with people and groups in historically disinvested communities.


One example centers on the development of new food forests. One new food forest will be situated within a low-income community, and the coalition is working with groups that have existing ties and relationships in the community, such as the YMCA and a local church. In addition, the Fond du Lac school district has an equity coach that meets regularly with staff to collaborate on ways to partner with and reach marginalized populations.


Finally, the city also works closely with the recreation department to ensure that all children have opportunities to participate in free and low cost programs that support physical activity.

Strategy Action Snapshot

Local Action Strategies

  • One-time and Regular weekly or monthly community building rides or walks​

  • Walk to School Day / Week (October)​

  • Bike donation or swap event​

  • Safety education campaigns​

  • Place physical walking/biking route maps in the community​

  • Create simple community walking loops / trails with signage​

  • Bike Racks and Fix It stations​

  • “Walk Your City” signage or paint on sidewalks for routes connecting people to destinations​

  • Plans Bike Week (June); Bike to Work Day

Community Engagement Strategies

  • Pop-up sidewalks, protected bike lane or bike boulevard​

  • Pop-up visible crosswalks

Community Impact


  • Establish a Bike/Ped Committee or Safe Routes to School Task Force​

  • Create a Safe Routes to School Plan​

  • Connect trails across city or county lines in bicycle and pedestrian plans​

  • Local Safe Routes to School policy / funding​

  • Plans to attend a statewide conference /summit on active transportation

How to Help

Where they would like support or resources

  • Living Well FdL is interested in connecting with others in the region so that they can cross-promote events and activities related to physical activity

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